Split Infinity - F.A.Q.

What type of game is Split Infinity?

Split Infinity is a M.U.D. (Multi-User Dimension). Long long ago, before there were any graphical on-line role-playing games such as Everquest or Ultima Online there existed RPGs which were entirely text based. A M.U.D. is a game where players can get together online, create characters (often similar to D&D and such), and go adventuring either alone or as a party. The area around you, what you look like, and just about everything else is described in text on the screen. And, your commands (such as moving, fighting, and whatnot) occur in real time. The big difference between M.U.D.s and the more advanced on-line RPGs is the idea that a successful M.U.D. can be created by anyone with some coding experience and a strong imagination instead of a large company.

How do I play?

In order to play Split Infinity you must use some type of Telnet program. If you are using the latest version of your browser, then you can actually join the game by going to the Split Infinity main page and clicking on the button that reads "Telnet to SI.NU 4000". However, the Telnet programs in browsers are not very good and you may want a slightly better program to use. You can also download G-Mud from this site. This program will give you more features, colors, and options when you play the game.

What is there to do in this world?

Your life is your own, and you may lead it in any direction you wish. You may look to be an explorer who reaches out into the vast regions of space, searching for new worlds and cultures. You may become a bounty hunter, devoting your life to tracking down the most vicious criminals in the galaxy. You may become a Citizen of the Alliance, devoted to protecting its cause in any way you can. You may study to become a religious leader and teach others of your faith. You may become a student of the sword or magic, working your way to become a master. Perhaps you could even sift your way through the various political factions in an attempt to discover who truly holds power over the Interplanetary Alliance itself. All the choices are left to you.

Who can I contact for assistance and questions?

Scott Danzig is the head administrator for the game. His email address is scottdanzig@yahoo.com