Split Infinity - Story

The proposal of the Reunified Field Theory in 2034 is still widely considered the greatest discovery mankind has ever made. Converging theories on forces and quantum physics, scientists were able to discover the primary structure of energy creation and matter within the known universe. It also led to the prediction of new forces, ones that lie outside the bounds of standard physics. Using this newfound knowledge mankind was able create spacecraft that were capable of reaching other solar systems. While learning how to colonize other planets, the human race discovered that they weren't the only ones capable of traveling among the stars.

Many new species were discovered during the push for interplanetary colonization. Research teams had their hands full in their attempt to catalog and decipher the sudden rush of information and artifacts. Mankind discovered sentient, but primitive, races on some of the worlds it came across. And, some races, that were centuries beyond the technologies of earth, discovered mankind as well. Besides a few minor incidents, peaceful and regular trade agreements were created between the humans and their new neighbors. But, it didn't take ambassadors long to find out that the galaxy was on the verge of a possible war.

Believing themselves to be superior to all other races, a species known as the Arrendis have been expanding their military empire throughout the galaxy for centuries. Having achieved a level of technology and artificial sentience beyond the other races, they believe that faith in religion and mythical lore to be a great blasphemy. Seeing these things to be a threat to their strict and organized society, they actively hunt religious leaders and the followers of metaphysical powers.

Their conquest brought war to many parts of the galaxy. Entire civilizations have been destroyed in their wake, only to have new ones arise from their ashes. In attempts by factions who wish to free their planet, civil wars broke out periodically among worlds under Arrendis control. Seeing a fate that could become their own, many of the remaining races decided that it was time to band together against the common threat. It wasn't long before the first meeting of the Interplanetary Alliance was held. It was also around this time that mankind discovered that the second half of the Reunified Field Theory was correct.

In 2980, a new race was found that not only discovered how to use these forces that seemed to act outside the laws of physics, but based their entire culture around them. Even though they refused to join the newly formed Alliance, the Dehanyi gave the other planets a gift of knowledge. In return, no one was to enter their territory or attempt to make contact with them for any reason. Being an extremely advanced culture, many members of the Alliance wanted to learn more from them, but none dared cross the line that was drawn. It was rumored that the Dehanyi could stand toe to toe with the Arrendis without any assistance at all.

With a unified effort, and the knowledge of these new metaphysical forces, the Alliance brought the advancement of the Arrendis to a standstill. Being based more on mental energies than physical ones; the new forces were nicknamed "magic" before scientists could give them any official title. Partly because the Alliance victory was credited to their discovery, the name has stuck ever since.

It has now been nearly a millenium since the Reunified Field Theory was first discovered on Mother Earth in 2034. The galaxy has been in a stable state of relative peace with Alliance ships patrolling the edges of Arrendis territory for the last twenty years. The Dehanyi have retreated into their corner of space and are rarely heard from or seen. The Council of the Alliance is now the highest station of political power in the galaxy. Under their supervision, cultures within the Alliance see to the development of less technologically advanced worlds. Careful restrictions are being placed to insure that underdeveloped cultures are not introduced to technology or bacteria that could be harmful to their growth. The Council also deliberates over new laws and trade restrictions that are passed under interplanetary law.

The Council has become secure in its outlook for the future of the galaxy. But, in their pride, the leaders of the Alliance did not think it possible that a threat could be born from within. Like a small dark seed, planted even before the Great War, its roots have been spreading throughout the Alliance and even into the heart of the Council itself. Beyond rumors no one knows of its existence and no one really cares. After all, no force could truly be powerful enough to challenge the Interplanetary Alliance…