Split Infinity - Zones

There are many lands to be traveled in Split Infinity. Here are just a few you can visit...

Hades' Teeth

Hades' Teeth is a pirate town on a tropical island. The pirates built the town in a concealed cove to escape pursuit by those intent on punishing them. The town has a miscellany of inhabitants, from the oh-so-elegant Salliando to the town's resident prostitute. Around 200 rooms, Hades' Teeth was designed for low-mid to high-mid players.

The Mansion

A hundred years ago, this mansion housed a loving family. Their possessions remain, with no explanation of why they left so abruptly. The mansion and its surrounding gardens and cemetery are inhabited only by some terrifying (and some just plain weird) monsters. The area is 48 rooms and designed for newbie levels.


A smallish area, most of which lies covered in snow all year round - here, the players will be able to make snowballs! The southern part is a tundra with a little village in it. A river runs through the icy wilderness and flows into a lake with a treacherous cover of ice. NPCs will include animals such as reindeer, fox and fish, and inhabitants of the village. The players may help these villagers with various tasks.


Abandon hope, all ye who enter! This is Hell as we know it from the Greek mythology. Meet the classic - or classical, rather - characters, for instance Orpheus with his lyre and Achilles with his vulnerable heel...


A fun area for levels 3-8, where players can have fun while they are fighting. The world is a cartoon world, working like an animated picture (anvils dropping do no harm but an eraser can be fatal). Plenty of low-level armour and weapons, and silly stuff to make the player giggle!


Once, on a distant world, lived a society of humans ignorant of magic. Science was the god of this people, and they worshipped it and produced wondrous technological feats. But the mighty grew proud, and in their senseless quest for further achievement they ravaged the land, strip-mined the soil and polluted the water and air. Nature, savage and untamed, gives a balance to everything, and over the years as the planet was devastated the last remaining vestiges of the pristine world grew more and more wild to protect themselves against further encroachment. Then the scales were tipped. On the world of Predatus, feral things evolved - unstoppable killing machines of predators whose ferocity was limited only by the amount of prey available, and they overran the world. Society was torn apart; civilization was shattered; all the mighty accomplishments of a once-proud people were cast into ruin. Now the last pitiful vestiges of humanity live in isolated colonies, living every day in terror as the things out there draw closer and closer to slaughtering the last one and making the merciless world theirs forever! There can be no victory... There can be no hope... There can be no survival. This is the world of Predatus.


The streets of this once great town and the forest surrounding it have been reduced to ash and rubble in a horrible war. The dead of Highgrove wander the streets, enslaved in undeath by a powerful group of spellcasters. Those unfortunate enough to survive the disaster remain, struggling to survive. Be wary, adventurer; this desolate expanse is not all that it appears to be. A powerful secret lies hidden here; one so powerful that many died to protect it and still more died seeking it. Only through piecing together this town's shattered past can you discover the powerful secrets Highgrove holds.